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After Serie A winners in Panini stickers now I made all Serie B winners. As you all know Serie B is second highest football level in Italian football. It was founded in 1929/30 and first champion was Casale. Genoa and Atalanta were 6 times Serie B champions. In season 2004/05 Genoa was champion but becouse of fixing scandal they where relegated to Serie C and Empoli, who was second placed, gainted promotion to Serie A.   

First Calciatori Panini album with Serie B teams was in 1963/64. Two players on one sticker. Later we could also see 3 or 4 players on one sticker. When Panini produced first album with Serie B teams champion was Varese. Since then we have lot of different champions. Most famous of them are: Milan (two times), Juventus, Sampdoria, Lazio, Udinese, Torino, Fiorentina...

Calciatori 2006/07 is a kind of unique album in history. Both Serie A and Serie B had same size of stickers. Reason is because Serie B had several great teams such as Juventus, Napoli, Genoa. There where also updates (aggiornamenti stickers) for Serie B teams.

Enjoy in these Serie B winners collages. 

1963/64- VARESE

1964/65- BRESCIA

1965/66- VENEZIA
Players on stickers: Vincenzi (gk), Tarantino, Grossi, Neri, Rizzato, Spagni, Bertogna, Mazzola, Menacci, D'Alessi and Salvemini. 

1966/67- SAMPDORIA

1967/68- PALERMO

1968/69- LAZIO

1969/70- VARESE 

1970/71- MANTOVA

Players on stickers: Da Pozzo, Recchi, Masiello, Ossola, Micheli, Bacher, Tomeazzi, Dell'Angelo, Blasig, De Cecco, Toschi and Bonci

1971/72- TERNANA

1972/73- GENOA

1973/74- VARESE

1974/75- PERUGIA

1975/76- GENOA

1976/77- VICENZA

1977/78- ASCOLI

1978/79- UDINESE

1979/80- COMO 

1980/81- MILAN

1981/82- VERONA

1982/83- MILAN

1983/84- ATALANTA

1984/85- PISA

1985/86- ASCOLI

1986/87- PESCARA

1987/88- BOLOGNA

1988/89- GENOA

1989/90- TORINO 

1990/91- FOGGIA

1991/92- BRESCIA

1992/93- REGGIANA


1994/95- PIACENZA

1995/96- BOLOGNA

1996/97- BRESCIA


1998/99- VERONA

1999/00- VICENZA

2000/01- TORINO

2001/02- COMO

2002/03- SIENA

2003/04- PALERMO

2004/05- EMPOLI

2005/06- ATALANTA

2006/07- JUVENTUS

2007/08- CHIEVO

2008/09- BARI

2009/10- LECCE 

2010/11- ATALANTA

2011/12- PESCARA

2012/13- SASSUOLO

2013/14- PALERMO

2014/15- CARPI 

2015/16- CAGLIARI

2016/17- SPAL

2017/18- EMPOLI

2018/19- BRESCIA

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